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Lenormand readings

While facing everyday challenges, Lenormand readings bring clarity to the current situation. These readings can help you see opportunities that would be difficult to spot. This makes it easier to make choices and decisions.

Lenormand readings can be booked face-to-face when appropriate in Turku and Helsinki as well as at fairs and at consultation days in other cities. In addition to these, you can also book a Lenormand reading over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp throughout the year.

The telephone readings as well as face-to-face readings at consultation days are always booked in advance. At fairs you can book an appointment in advance or alternatively put your name on the reservation list on my stand. Telephone readings are usually available with a short waiting time. Once a telephone reading has been agreed, payment is made in advance by bank transfer or MobilePay. Payment details will be given to you when the reservation is made. At the agreed time, you will call me under the number mentioned on the website. Face-to-face readings can be paid in advance by bank transfer or MobilePay, cash payment during the reading is also possible.

Secrets of Lenormand cards training

In “The secrets of Lenormand cards” training series I teach step by step my way of working with these cards. This training series consists of 3 modules which together present a solid foundation for professional cartomancy.

I offer “The secrets of Lenormand cards” training series as webinar as well as face-to-face around Finland. Training will commence when at least 3 participants have booked. If you are interested in Lenormand training in Finnish in your city, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Astrological readings

The human mind is complex. This, coupled with unexpected changes in the course of life, can make it difficult to achieve a planned goal. Your own individual potential can easily be overshadowed by these challenges. Birth chart reading can open up an understanding of your own personality and your personal potential.

An astrological reading with topical themes focuses on the energies activated by transits and progressions. On top of this an analysis of the current solar chart completes this reading.

The key elements of interpersonal reading are synastry chart and Combine/Davison chart reading. A synastry reading tells us a lot about the dynamics between two people. Davison chart describes to the potential of a relationship and its challenges.

Astrological training and workshops

Would you like to learn astrology for yourself? It’s easy, as I organise astrology training and workshops at different levels remotely as well as face-to-face all over Finland. The workshops open up the world of astrology to newcomers and give also practical knowledge to established practitioners. The astrology training includes both basic and advanced content on the subject of the course. Examples of topics include the basics of birth charts, transits, individual planets, astrological genealogy or relationship astrology.

For current events, see the Events page. If you are interested in an interpretation day, a Lenormand training, an astrology workshop or training in your area, please contact me.