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My exploration into the world of cartomancy started at the beginning of 80s. My introduction to Lenormand cards in the 90s showed me a new and exciting way of approaching the wonderful world of card readings. With my intuitive Lenormand readings I am able to show you the tendencies for the upcoming 6 to 12 months.

During my readings you won’t hear earth-shaking predictions. Sometimes it can mean you’ll hear something you would rather not hear. My intention is to give you a feeling of clarity with respect to your situation so you will be able to make up your mind about which path you should follow. For this I rely on Lenormand cards and clairvoyants.

Lenormand readings can be booked face-to-face when appropriate in Turku and Helsinki as well as at fairs and at consultation days in other cities. In addition to these, you can also book a Lenormand reading over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp throughout the year.

The telephone readings as well as face-to-face readings at consultation days are always booked in advance. At fairs you can book an appointment in advance or alternatively put your name on the reservation list on my stand. Telephone readings are usually available with a short waiting time. Once a telephone reading has been agreed, payment is made in advance by bank transfer or MobilePay. Payment details will be given to you when the reservation is made. At the agreed time, you will call me under the number mentioned on the website. Face-to-face readings can be paid in advance by bank transfer or MobilePay, cash payment during the reading is also possible.

Cartomancy with Lenormand cards

The origin of the Lenormand card deck goes back to the beginning of 19th century. These very symbolic cards were named after one of the most famous French fortune tellers, Marie Anne Lenormand (1772–1844). The Lenormand card deck includes 36 beautifully illustrated cards.

Since the 80s I have worked with different kinds of card decks but I have always found that Lenormand cards are the most informative for me. Lenormand cards tell true-to-life stories.

The life of Marie Anne Lenormand

Marie Anne Lenormand was born 1772 in Alençon, Normandy. As the daughter of a merchant family she was privileged to join a Benedictine convent school in her hometown. History tells us that Marie Anne had been very interested in music, the arts and literature. In 1781 she had predicted dismissal of an abbess which came about the very same year.

Marie Anne left Normandy for Paris in 1790. There she met a fortune teller who taught her the art of cartomancy. During this period, she was introduced to persons who were to play important roles in the French Revolution—Marat, Robespierre as well as Saint-Just—whose violent deaths she predicted.

While having problems with law, Marie Anne was forced into exile for some time. After her return to Paris in 1797, Marie Anne opened her own cartomancy salon. Soon she was one of the most famous fortune tellers in Paris. Among her clients were the most prominent figures of her days, e.g. the Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Tsar Alexander I of Russia.

Marie Anne died in 1843 of an inflammatory reaction triggered by an operation. Until the end of her life she was a highly respected fortuneteller among the rich and the poor.

The story of the Lenormand cards

The legend tells that Mlle Lenormand worked with a card deck that included 52 cards designed by herself. From this deck only 36 cards survived through the years. These cards are the fortune telling cards of Lenormand as we know them. Most likely she worked, like many other French fortune tellers of her day, with a card deck designed by Jean Francois Alliette.

The Lenormand cards as we know them were supposedly designed a couple of years after Maria Anne’s death. This card deck, ‘Le Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand’, included 54 cards. Along with these cards came a collection of five books which were published under a pseudonym. Each card was decorated with various symbols known from sources such as Greek mythology, kabbala and astrology. Over the years these symbols were dropped from one edition to another, with the result that the Lenormand cards we use today are a much simplified version of the originals.

Around 1850 two different Lenormand card decks were published: Wahrsage-Karten der berühmten Mlle Le Normand (fortune teller cards of the famous Miss Lenormand) which included 55 cards, and supposedly the very first 36-card version ‘Le Petit Lenormand’ (The Little Lenormand).

‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ training series

In my opinion we don’t have to be born as fortune tellers to be able to work as one. Learning cartomancy can be compared to learning a language. As a matter of fact, I see cards readers as interpreters who translate the symbolic language of the cards to the clients.

In ‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ training series I teach step by step my way of working with these cards. This training series consists of 3 independent modules: a beginners’ course, an intermediate course and an advanced course. Together they present a solid foundation for professional cartomancy.

The beginners’ training of ‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ series involves learning the symbols of the Lenormand cards, single cards as well as combinations of two cards. During this module we can also start to combine small sets of cards if the learning progress permits it. The trainers will now train in their newly acquired skills for one to two months before the second module takes place. The date for the second module will be agreed upon within the training group.

The intermediate as well as advanced module of ‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ training series concentrate on learning the method itself. I will teach you three different kinds of tables, so-called small and large tables as well as a 2-month table using the knowledge learned in the beginners’ module. We will mainly train with students’ own tables. If necessary, I can bring along some example tables, too.

I offer ‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ training series online as well as face-to-face around Finland. Training will take place when at least 3 participants have booked. If you are interested in Lenormand training in Finnish in your city, don’t hesitate to contact me.

More detailed information on the training series ‘The secrets of Lenormand cards’ is available in Finnish in this leaflet.