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Growth and constant development are part of life. Logically change and transformation is required time to time. During the development process, objectivity and seeing new opportunities can be difficult. Lucetia offers guidance in these situations. You can choose an astrological or Lenormand reading, combination readings are also possible. All readings are available remotely as well as face to face.


In Roman mythology Lucetia (Latin for ‘Giver of Light’) was a guardian of women and their sexuality. She was regarded as a birth goddess who brought newborn babies into the light of day for the first time.

Jaana Rusi

I was born in 1965 in Finland, under the intuitive sign of Pisces with Leo rising.

I am a qualified nutritionist (certified 2006), astrologer (intensive training 2003–2004) and a second degree Reiki Practitioner (certified 2006). I am also qualified to practice alternative therapy (Heilpraktiker Psychotherapie/ public health department Lichteberg/Berlin 2009). Since 2009 I have worked in the field of interpersonal relationships as an individual and couple counsellor and at a crisis hotline.

I first became interested in astrology in the late 70s. During the subsequent 20 years, my interest in astrology intensified, and finally in 2003, I decided to train as an astrologer. Since 2004 I have been deepening my astrological knowledge continuously by participating in seminars and workshops in Germany, England and America.

In the early 80s I was introduced to the world of cartomancy. Some years later, I learned this art myself. In the 90s I was introduced to Lenormand cards.

After living in Germany for almost 30 years, early in 2014 I moved back home to Finland.

Please check current events under Events. If you are interested in a consultation day, Lenormand or astrological training or an astrological workshop in your city, don’t hesitate to contact me.