Service fees

Service fees

Astrological readings

Natal chart reading 90 min. 130 EUR
Natal chart issue in-depth reading 60 min. 100 EUR
Forecast reading 90 min. 130 EUR
Relationship reading 90 min. 180 EUR
Horary reading per question 60 EUR

Lenormand readings

Lenormand reading 70 min.95 EUR
Lenormand reading 40 min. 65 EUR
Lenormand reading 20 min.*20 EUR

Mediumship sitting

Private sitting 30 min.50 EUR

Prices include Finnish VAT (24%).

All readings are available in person and by phone or Skype, if not stated otherwise.
All phone reading appointments are to be reserved and paid in advance. At the agreed time, you will contact me.

* 20 min reading includes 1-2 themes of your choice.

Prices for courses and workshops will be announced separately.

Telephone inquiries, sign-ups and appointment reservations on weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.