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Here you can find information regarding my astrological and cartomancy services in and from Finland.

I discovered the world of astrology in the late 70s and had my first astrological reading in the mid-80s in Finland. Approximately ten years later, when I got to know an astrologer from Berlin, my interest in this fascinating wisdom intensified.

In the early 80s I was introduced to the world of cartomancy, and soon afterwards I started to learn this art myself.


In Roman mythology Lucetia (Latin for ‘Giver of Light’) was a guardian of women and their sexuality. She was regarded as a birth goddess who brought newborn babies into the light of day for the first time.

Consultations, training and workshops

Card readings can be booked to take place at various fairs and exhibitions in Finland as well as on consultation days in Finnish cities. I also do card readings by phone throughout the year. Card readings by phone can be booked at relatively short notice, usually within 2–3 days. Astrological readings are available on consultation days or as a phone consultation.

I teach Lenormand readings around Finland. A minimum of three registrations is required for a class to run. Training in the secrets of Lenormand cards is taught over two separately booked modules. During the first training module we shall learn the meaning of Lenormand cards, and in the second module we shall concentrate on card reading skills building on the knowledge acquired during the first module.

The secrets of Lenormand cards leaflet is available in Finnish.

I provide astrological training and workshops at various levels around Finland. Astrological training provides basic or advanced knowledge of astrology, depending upon the training level. Attending an astrological workshop is a good way to get a very first impression of astrology or further your present knowledge. Workshop topics include, for example: understanding natal charts, transits and planets in astrology, etc.

Current events can be found on the website under Events. If you are interested in a consultation day, Lenormand training, astrological training or a workshop in your city, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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