An astrological reading serves to promote self-recognition. Astrology helps us to understand ourselves better, to accept our weaknesses, and to transform these weaknesses into strengths.

From an astrological point of view, it is easy to understand interpersonal dynamics in relationships. We see that each person triggers different parts of our personalities.

An astrological reading can be very helpful, especially during difficult times of crisis. These readings can open our eyes to see beyond the situation and to help us cope.

Astrological readings are not to be compared with fortune telling. Nevertheless, during an astrological reading you are able to see where to find potential and where to expect challenges. You will also discover which areas of your life need to be focused upon.

Astrological readings

The first astrological reading includes an analysis of your birth chart, concentrating on your personality as well as the strengths and challenges of your nature. During this reading we shall also look back in your life to discover the ways you tend to react in different situations.

During the following natal chart issue in-depth reading, it is possible to get a closer look into a subject that touches you at that moment or a certain aspect of your horoscope.

Forecast & Solar return readings

A solar return horoscope is a chart calculated for the exact moment when the sun returns to its natal position. It is a method of forecasting a birthday-to-birthday year in your life. During a solar horoscope reading, we take a look at the major theme of the solar year as well as developments in all areas of your life. Additional to the solar horoscope analysis, I include two other prognosis methods with this reading: the transits of the outer planets and progressions.

Relationship readings

An astrological relationship reading concentrates on mapping the potential and challenges of a relationship. To be able to do this, I first analyse separately the two natal charts regarding the relationship patterns, i.e. what the individuals are looking for in a long-term partnership. Having done this, I then focus on the synastry, a comparison of the two individual horoscopes. This method allows me to analyse the chemistry between the individuals, and how they affect each other. Subsequently I exam the composite horoscope or Davison relationship chart, a completely new horoscope which is based on calculated midpoints (either planets and cusps or birth dates, times and places of birth). These horoscopes represent the relationship itself.

It is possible to calculate relationship horoscopes for all kinds of relationships, e.g. parent and child, business partners, romantic partners. Relationship readings are basically only possible when both persons are present.

Horary astrology readings

Analysing a horary astrology chart is one of the oldest astrological methods known. It deals with answering a question by studying the astrological charts set for the exact time and place of asking the question. In a horary astrology chart, we can find the answer only to the given specific question that generated it and see the course of development until the solution is found.

Appointments and preparing the reading

You may make an appointment by phone or email. To be able to give you an astrological reading, I need your date of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth. You should be able to provide this information when booking an appointment. For the exact time of birth please check your birth certificate, order a copy of it including your time of birth, or ask the hospital or clinic where you were born. For a relationship analysis, I need the exact birth data for both individuals.

To guarantee that I have enough time to prepare the readings, appointments should be made 7 to 14 days in advance.

All the astrological readings require prepayment of 50% of the total fee. This is due upon booking the appointment.

Astrological courses and workshops

I provide astrological courses and workshops at various levels in Finland. Through participation in astrological courses you will gather step-by-step astrological wisdom. During these courses you will constantly learn about your own horoscope and experiences. I provide astrological courses on following themes, for example:

  • Astrological signs
  • Planets
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • Transits

Astrological workshops help beginners to get their first insight into the astrological world and they offer useful know-how for advanced astrologers. Themes of the workshops are, for example:

  • Interpretation of natal charts
  • Transits and their impacts
  • Workshop series: Planets and their astrological meanings
    • Jupiter: pennies from heaven
    • Saturn: the guardian of the threshold
    • Uranus: set me free
    • Neptune: one more dream
    • Pluto: the guardian of the underworld
  • Solar return
  • Synastry
  • Relationship charts

After an initial introductory section, the workshops also involve sharing our own experiences.

If you are interested in astrological training or a workshop in your city, do not hesitate to contact me.

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