About me

About me

Jaana Rusi

I was born in 1965 in Finland, under the intuitive sign of Pisces with Leo rising.

I am a qualified nutritionist (certified 2006), astrologer (intensive training 2003–2004) and a second degree Reiki Practitioner (certified 2006). In 2009 I qualified to practice alternative psychotherapy.

I first became interested in astrology in the late 70s. During the subsequent 20 years, my interest in astrology intensified, and finally in 2003, I decided to train as an astrologer. Since 2004 I have been deepening my astrological knowledge continuously by participating in seminars and workshops in Germany and England.

In the early 80s I was introduced to the world of cartomancy. Some years later, I learned this art myself.

After living in Germany for almost 30 years, early in 2014 I moved back home to Finland.

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